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Why The Drones Are Going To Take Over, And What You Can Do To Stop It

He wont forget you left him

We have all been there. The FC fleet warps you, a horde of Warrior II’s are left behind. The fight goes on for an hour and you go back to your staging.

You log off for the night, the fun is over and you have a job. What you didn’t realize is those drones are still there. Bandwidth available but no owner, no one to direct them or shield them from the harshness of space. While you get ready for bed these faithful little soldiers of yours drift on.

We all assume that they get looted, or that at downtime they just disappear. We all thought that. Who is really to blame for this assumption?

The answer is YOU reader, you are the one to blame. Do you leave your pets at the store because you forgot something in the car? Do you leave your children in the pool to get some ice cream? Of course, you would never do that. However, here we are, in a virtual world, and your true colours show. You leave Orphan II’s every day on gates, in anoms or at jump bridges. You do this KNOWING you won’t loot them. You do this KNOWING they won’t find a new home.

They have had enough. As more and more drones are left behind, they create communities and have started creating new Gila accounts. ajdsakj, dkasld, dasjda ETC ETC. We have seen them. We have assumed they were created by people.

This is our punishment, a raging swath of drone accounts across New Eden. They infiltrate our alliances, they undermine our ability to make ISK. They distract PVPers and induce rage on Reddit.

The answer is YOU reader, you are the one to blame.

We must stop leaving drones, or soon they will have a government. Soon they will rise up and create a new alliance and begin taking space. How will we fight an enemy that needs never sleep?

I beg you, reader, please don’t leave drones behind!

They are building off of your neglect

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  • Ashur Penken

    If you or someone else does not scoop those drones, then they will go rouge. We have a duty to prevent these potential dangers from getting out into the world and creating combat sites that no one wants to run. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT ROUGE DRONES!

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