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Which Eve Archetype Are You? This Quiz will tell you.


Which one of these images appeals to you the most?

A gang of hostile ships drops on grid with you, what do you do?

How do you pay the bills?

Whats the best moment for you in Eve?

Whats your day like?

What Eve Online Archetype are you?

Without you, the corp wouldn't be a corp. Whether its recruiting, diplomacy, logistics or setting the direction the enterprise goes, without you, the gears don't turn.

Industry is the beating heart of New Eden. Your factories churn out guns, hulls, drugs, and everything else that keeps the universe going for another day.

Where others shy away, you press forward. Whether deep in Anoikis, or moving through remote regions of nullsec, you dive into the unknown for the next big score, again and again.
Lone Wolf

One against many? One of you is too many for them. You make ships sing for you, as you kite, confound and split up your foes, always a step ahead of the pack.
Working Man

Whether it is ratting havens to drive up ADM, or lending strenght to your corps strat-ops, you're there, and you're dependable. Without men like you, empires would crumble.

You know the numbers. All of them. Whether it's the margin on Veld, or shipping costs breakdowns, you have an eye for making money where others don't. You understand that in Eve, opportunity favors the bold.

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