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Top 7 Things We’re Looking Forward to at This Year’s AT

1. Hearing from the great CCP community team

Truly, they are pioneers of this field and experts in community development

2. Watching great pilots fly and die for glory

I can’t wait!

3. Winning some ISK by betting with EveBet!

I hope this site lasts forever, it really helps publicise the AT

4. Tasting victory and getting some unique AT skins, maybe even ships

The Gila is REALLY in need of some more skins

5. Seeing how the meta develops and what CCP do to shake up the rules

I’m sure it’ll be great this year 😀

6. Theorycrafting the new Triglavian ships. Will anything beat them this year?! :O

Maybe there will be a nice flagship meta, too!

7. Bringing more players to Eve with such a high profile event!

It really helps show that the devs care about their game 🙂

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