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You LAUGHED at Him in School. LOOK at Where He is Now

Take a look at these two photos below. I bet you can’t even tell that they’re the SAME GUY. 

That’s right. You remember little Vinny from back in middle school don’t ya? How he was this scrawny little thing that couldn’t even fit a strip miner?

Now the boy has an entire posse of ‘Excavators’ flying with him, just going wherever he goes, and he pulls MAD ore. Good shit too, knawaimsayin‘?

I mean when I first met the kid, he was just strugglin’ in 0.9 sec. They’d shoo him out the belts, these machariels would bump him in the hallways, I mean you feel for a guy like that, but he’s in it, and you don’t think you can help him. Sometimes he’d spend hours just looking for some scraps of ore, because the belts were just gone man, gone.

Then he sees this ad on the holonet, says “Come to Delve, we’ll set you up”, something like that. And I mean kid is strugglin’, so he says yes, goes down south, and I mean deep south.

And to be fair, they do. He starts eatin’ more healthy, lots of Prismatic Gneiss and Gleamin’ Spodumain. Puts some meat on his bones, soon enough he’s as big as a barge, broads as one too. Guys give him boosts, he gets some sweet implants and a new exercise regimen. Monday Wednesday Friday is Spod Day and Tuesday Thursday Saturday is Arkanor day.

A member of community had this to say: [22:23:57] Jezaja > I never thought he would do it. I was overwhelmed when he did really did it!

And before soon, he’s one of the big boys on the belt, got his own set of excavs, some of the good Michis and some real Industrial Core Strength. Gotta work on that core strength. And he’s ballin down there.

Anyways, just puttin’ it out there.

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