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Here Are 9 Ways to Mess With Your Corpmates. We Can’t Wait to Try Number 6

1. Renaming ALL their ships.

What’s that? Trying to find your bhaalgorn?

2. Doubling their ISK and ACTUALLY DOING IT! 😀


3. Having a corp move and not telling them

How can you do this to me? HOW?

4. Filling their pod with flavor packets

Now in ‘Grapefruit’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice’

5. Delivering them ships when a citadel is about to die

All yours now

7. Tag on them during a fight

You’re terrible. Just terrible.

8. Put them on the soundboard!

Rage against the spacepixels

9. Making you think there’s a number 6 <3

#Hekkin Bamboozled

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