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CCP calls our Journalistic Integrity in Question

Recently it has come to our attention that CCP, in a bid to undermine the freedom of journalism in New Eden, has posted a video calling EveFeed “Fake News”.

“… speaking of internet abuse, recently it was brought to my attention that a malicious Internet Network called EveFeed.com has just been launched. I have only one word for the so called website: ‘Fake News’. To you our dear customers, I want to tell you to avoid this site at all cost. Do not visit EveFeed.com. I repeat, do not visit EveFeed.com “

To this, we would like to say that we are a respectable journalistic outlet that only features the highest quality articles designed only to increase clickthrough rate to deliver unbiased news on the going ons in New Eden.

To anybody who says that we are Fake News, and only a propaganda outlet for Did He Say Jump, Chance Ravine, Black Legion, PanFam, Goonswarm, Icelandic Sex Dungeons or any other entity, I’d like to say that none of these pay us enough to shill for them (slide into my DMs tho, we can work something out). *wink*

*At around 2:30

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