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About Us

We here at EveFeed pride ourselves at delivering only the finest news nuggets directly to your beautiful brain.  Watch in amazement as our award-winning authors massage the latest news, facts, and trends directly into your brain muscles.  Flaunt to your friends, corpmates,  and bitter enemies how you are one of the best informed, handsomest capsuleers in  New Eden. 

EveFeed believes that good news is fast news. In New Eden, what happened an hour ago is yesterdays news, and yesterday is irrelevant. We only deliver news so fresh,  it still moves when you pour soy sauce on  it. Have you seen that crazy japanese dish with the raw octopus? Like that, but fresher. 

We also believe in drinking from the firehose. Hydration  is important,  and we have only lost 7 of our editors to drinking related incidents. Acceptable casualties in the pursuit  of G R E A T N E S S.  We think  the newsgoo should flow thick and fast,  and thick and fast it will flow.  Our editorial policy is: “If it was worth writing, its probably important and the world needs to see it”. We deliver high pressure, unfiltered CONTENT straight from the hose.

We would also like to refute the libelous claims that all our pieces are written by unpaid interns, and vehemently deny the existence of our patent-pending ‘Content Creation Cages™’. The unfounded allegations againset the respectability to this bastion of journalism  are simply obscene.