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7 Ways to Avoid Burning Your Jita…again

We all know how frustrating it is when you log in and your find that instead of a delicious marketplace, your Jita is burnt again. Here are our 7 tips for not burning your Jita.

1. Use Lower Heat

High heat can lead to uneven doneness, meaning the outside will be burnt whilst the inside is still raw. Low and slow is the way to go

2. Stir Things Regularly

Jita needs to be stirred regularly. Use a machariel to agitate the undock periodically.

3. Don’t get Distracted

Just a minue of distraction can mean the difference between golden brown and burnt, acrid Jita. Pay attention to your Jita as it cooks.

4. Use a Timer

Using a timer can help serve as a reminder even if you are busy updating your market orders or spamming contracts in local. You can either use your suspect or criminal timer, or get a seperate timer.

5. Get a Heavier Pan

Heavier pans offer better heat distribution than cheap, thin bottomed pans. Lack of hotspots ensures a more even sear on your Caldary Navy Assembly Plant

6. Put a Lid on It

Whilst obvious, putting a lid on your favorite tradehub means steam stays inside and your Jita doesn’t dry out, which prevents burning.

7. Use Oil

When cooking such a massive object as Jita 4-4, only parts of it will touch the pan. Oil helps deliver heat more evenly.

We hope that these tips help you prepare Jita without burning it in the future.

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