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7 Reasons We Absolutely Love the New Guardians Gala

1. Suprising tests of tank

Arty Alpha and Autocannon RoF? We like a challenge when we see one.

2. Stimulates the T3C market

That’s an expensive Tengu you’ve got there, would be a shame if…3.3k DPS happened.

3. Great mining opportunities

Look at that yield!

4. Exciting new Lootboxes, ehrm, Lottery Tickets

Better luck next time!

5. Sensible Timers on Challenges

wait, 9 years and 12 months? isn’t that just 10 years?

6. Sexy Eros Blossom SKINs

Cynabal Eros Blossom SKIN (Permanent)

7. Pimp Purple Stripes

Fetch the Pimpcane! Why is there no Hurricane version of this SKIN?

Congrats to the CCP Event Team

One flawless event after the other!

Bonus Because We Love You: “It’s so rookie friendly”

Looking for Day 1 Alphas to…test a thing.

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