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6 literature gems, suggested from your favorite Fleet Commanders

Essential part of every powerful Null-Sec Alliance is a well-read line member. We asked 6 of the universes most respected fleet commanders what they read while waiting at the Titan bridge.

1. Piggeldy and Frederick

The glorious Killah Bee, mastermind behind the
M-OEE8 citadel siege, suggesting “The lovely stories of Piggeldy and Frederick”.

2. Bombers Boys

Templeman N, glorious founder of the legendary Bombers Bar, stick to a traditional documentary book, about the ancestors of brave capsuleers.

3. Treasure Island

Rixx Javixx, claims to be a pirate. No comment about this here. Yet his suggestion is the legendary “Treasure Island”. It’s about pirates.

4. 50 Shades of Grey

Julianus Soter, Faction Warfare FC, has an obvious fetish, when suggesting THIS book. Obviously he has absolved to much of the “Shades of Grey”-missions.

5. The invisible Hand

GigX – “One way to make them invisible is to cut them off.”

6. Anger Management Workbook

Grath Telkin suggesting this self-aid book for the mature players.

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