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5 Reasons capsuleer should update their NeoCom to version 3.5

The NeoCom is essential for a capsuleers’ survival in the dark harsh universe of New Eden. Here we give you 5 reasons to actually really update it, because your life depends from it!

1. New Mechanics, better integration

Your brain and implants will work better together. We highly recommend a firmware-upgrade for your Limited Cybernetic Subprozessor too.

2. Monochrome-Age is over

With the NeoCom 3.5 -Upgrade capsuleers can enjoy a wide new and range of colours!

3. Reducing shit-talk in Local

Recent studies show: Updating and completly sourcing chat routines from your NeoCom 3.5 can reduce the amount of shittalk in the local chat interface. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Better overview for better pilots

The new NeoCom 3.5 brings a great improvement for the overview for space warfare.

5. Media Player included

The new NeoCom 3.5 Update brings a innovative brandnew media player feature! It plays your most favourite tunes and comes with a free track of Jita’s DJ Mile Llama!!!!!!!

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